For long time I have seen that many peoples still can't understand, how does interiors works in San Andreas ( later SA ).

So this will be more like information, than tutorial in basic mean, but with this you still can learn some stuffs.

Lets start

SetPlayerInterior - This is not a Function to go to some interior in SA, its just Interior IDs, so SA in Single Player ( later SP ) can make interiors in sky and can't be seeable, when not need, to go to interior You also need to SetPlayerPos.

Also when you sometimes have feel that you are in air, its not, its just wrong SetPlayerInterior function usage.

In GodFather script is cmd /setint, with this command you can't make a tour around all SA interiors, its just SetPlayerInterior, as mention before, and there don't have like 99999999 interiors just need to find all of them as many have imaginated, there is only 20 different "interior worlds", in each world you can meet up to 15 different Interiors ( objects ).

Also if there is some "soft" interior, its not bug from none side, its just in SA SP , they dont needed them solid.

To "clear" interior, you just need to CreateObject, somewhere, recomended in sky Z:1000+, and when you will use it, just SetPlayerInterior to 1, so you will not see minimap, but this is ONLY to not see a minipam, so players have feel that they are really in some interior, to make it work you need to SetPlayerPos

If there is other questions or I forget to mention something important, write it here.

I made small FS, with this you can trully and for real make a tour around all and with this I mean all interiors what is in SA, put amx & pwn into FS folder and interiors.txt into scriptfiles, go in game and use /in [0-146]