TL;DR: Starting early November, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the TFT Mobile experience a Teamfight Tactics Mobile PBE will open to a limited number of PBE accounts. If you’re interested in helping us test upcoming patches & provide TFT Mobile-specific feedback, read on below for more details!


We could use some extra help in identifying bugs and evaluating stability before we lock down each patch, including ones that align with new set releases. Our main goal here is to identify and squash in-game bugs and errors that may affect the mobile experience specifically. We’ll need your help testing to make sure it’s a great experience for TFT mobile players globally!


You can review the criteria required to join the TFT Mobile PBE and register here.

When signing up, please be fully aware that the PBE is a testing ground, and a mobile PBE is new territory for our team, so please expect some bugs & instability when jumping in. Additionally, we’re only accepting a small initial group of mobile PBE testers in our first waves, and not all applications will be accepted.

Once you submit your application and are approved for a TFT Mobile PBE account, you should receive an email should you be selected for PBE testing, including instructions on how to get started. See you on the Convergence!