Brace yourselves, Tacticians! Pengu is suiting up for the arrival of Teamfight Tactics Mobile in Asia Pacific and the red carpet will officially be rolled out for the game on November 22, 2023!

That’s right, from November 22 onwards, players in Asia Pacific can enjoy an unparalleled TFT gaming experience, with seamless cross-play between mobile and PC. Need to take your action-packed battles on the go? Not a problem, as game progression will also synchronize across both platforms, enabling you to resume your TFT journey as you conquer opponents on either platform.

If you have yet to pre-register for the game, do so now on the Google Play Store and App Store to claim the pre-registration rewards when the game launches next month. Thanks to your support, we have clocked over 3 million pre-registered users across Asia Pacific so far, and you’ll all be earning some juicy rewards! Keep track of our progress towards launch milestones on the TFT Mobile pre-registration microsite.

Exclusive Launch Rewards and Activities

Speaking of rewards, here’s a little sneak peek of the goodies you have earned as a community! Here’s the exclusive “Little Legends Together” icon, specially created to mark the milestone of 3 million pre-registrations achieved.


Our next milestone is to hit 5 million pre-registrations, after which everyone will earn a Bubble Tea River Sprite at launch! The Bubble Tea River Sprite is yet another item that was specially created to celebrate the release of TFT Mobile in Asia Pacific, so do encourage your friends to pre-register if they have not already!


Over the next several weeks leading up to launch, you may also encounter exciting activities and social contests in your area. Keep an eye peeled for potential Pengu footprints…

For more updates on TFT Mobile launch activities, stay tuned to our local channels and in the meantime, save the date!